Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Regrets of Summer

I've concluded that summer is my least favorite season. I enjoy the many opportunities summer can provide for camping, vacation, gardening, bike riding, and enjoying the outdoors. Unfortunately, life seems to afford little opportunity for those activities. For me personally, that's not too big of a deal. The larger regret comes for my children. I regret that since I work, and I do have to work through the summer, my children don't get the opportunity for just plain down time in the summer to ride their bicycles (which neither can ride yet), go swimming, go to the park, and just hang out. Although I know I have the three day weekend during June and July, I find that extra day is filled up with housework and garage sales instead of summer fun. Summers were different for me as a kid since I lived in the country and had more freedom. However, I really would like for my kids to look back at summer as enjoyable instead of simply going to the sitters house everyday.