Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Going to Africa!

When 2015 dawned a few weeks ago, I had high hopes with my goals and had planned to document my progress with regular posts on my blog. Alas, my plans did not go as hoped. I should of realized that while my goals are solid and worthwhile, working on those while also preparing for my trip to Africa was too ambitious although I did manage to read several books.

So my time the past few weeks has been spent primarily on preparing for my trip which is now just over a mere 24 hours away. I have spent a great deal of time praying, reading books about the country to which I'm traveling, and doing on-line training with other team members. I also spent time obtaining necessary supplies both for myself and to take to our missionary friends. This week my task has been putting all of the items into my carry-on luggage and making sure my luggage is within the required weight limit. It has been quite exciting and humbling to watch as God has provided for the financial needs of our team and most excitedly worked with individuals on three continents to obtain our visa!

While I'm gone I'm not certain how often I will post on the blog, if at all. I certainly plan to prepare a larger post-trip account of my travels upon my return.