Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Whirlwinds of Fall

Fall has started with a bang. In between the new school year for the kids and the new school year at the higher education institutions my husband and I both work at, August is come and gone before we know it and now September is almost at the half-way mark.

Beyond the hubbub of school beginning, we also have the difficult decisions of what extra-curricular activities to have the kids participate in. Boy child is finishing up flag football through the Y this week. We're glad he was able to play but don't think he'll want to play again. Later this week we are checking out Cub Scouts as he ventures into the world of organized activities. Girl child has changed piano teaches which seems to be going well. She is also continuing in 4-H and horse back riding lessons. The big question mark in her life right now is whether to add Girl Scouts to the mix as well. A great deal depends on when the troop meets although there is an individual option. We're trying desperately to have balance but yet offer a variety of opportunities to allow the children to explore a variety of experiences. Their activities combined with the community involvement and outside of work activities my husband and I are involved in makes for a very busy life. The question is do I want to look back and regret we didn't participate or regret that we didn't spend time at home?