Saturday, February 2, 2008

Snow Day reading pleasures

We celebrated February 1st by enjoying a snow day. I was as excited as the children to receive this reprieve from my normal schedule. I attempted to put the extra time to good use by catching up on my reading for class. I had hoped to study for my exam as well, but Pocketful of Pinecones called to me instead. I attempted to read the short chapters in between my other reading and study, but alas Pinecones won and I finished it this morning while enjoying my hot chocolate.

I had checked out Pocketful of Pinecones by Karen Andreola last fall before I learned of the various reading challenges. Thus several of the items in my Dewey selections for the reading challenge appear due to their prior selection and some of the area are more heavily populated. Pocketful of Pinecones, a often recommended book about nature study in the Charlotte Mason tradition, was an enjoyable but not taxing read. Although a non-fiction work, this "diary" of a fictitious depression era home educator read quickly and easily. As expected, the nature study ideas were welcome and I hope to incorporate them more. However, I feel guilty due to the hard work of this wife and mother doing her laundry, keeping her house tidy, gardening, learning herblore, sewing, knitting, and other tasks that comprised her day. So in addition to the call for more nature walks and study, the call to more industry in my house keeping and time management echoes.

Alas for the next few days, home industry must wait its turns while I prepare for my exam. I hope the siren call of reading this title is replaced with diligence in other matters.

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