Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Technology Frustrations

Last week I attended a workshop on Blogs and Podcasts at my workplace. The workshop was quite honestly fairly pedestrian and nothing that I couldn't have picked up in half the time given the opportunity. Yet, therein lies catch-22 "given the opportunity." I feel that as a librarian I need to be on the cutting edge of technology or at least up to speed on some fairly commonly used tools and resources. I would really like to be able to utilize these tools not only for myself but actively in my workplace as well. In particular, I would love to be able to put links to all kind of cool resources and blog on the library website and other things that many libraries/librarians are doing as a matter of course. My biggest question though is when do other librarians find time to keep up with the technology? Are others allowed opportunity to explore those areas on the job? Do they do it all on their own personal time and have no life outside of the library? Are they infinitely more talented and accomplished than I? How in the world is our library going to be seen as a technological and instructional leader on our campus if we are not allowed the opportunity to explore and experiment in these areas and others that are just emerging?

Reading back over this post it sounds like I'm whining. I don't intend to whine but I honestly want to know how they are doing it and what I/our library can and should be doing differently or more expediently. Unfortunately, I don't really feel I can post this question to the library list servs as it would come off as whining and have my IRL identity attached.

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