Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I've been frustrated lately that in the circle of people I know often only viewpoint can get a hearing even though multiple view can be very valid. I have inquired with several trusted friends to see if the alternate view I propose is truly valid and have been assured that yes it is quite true but that yes, it's not the "cool" thing.

Thinking about these alternative viewpoints that are still definitely Christian just slightly outside of mainstream reminded me of several longings. One, I would really like to be involved in a book club or two that reads and discusses a variety of great books--both new and classic. Second, it is really frustrating to be involved in a community where I could have the kind of deep discussion I would like yet everyone is too busy because we are student focused. Finally, it is also frustrating to feel like I'm shut out of the very community in which I'm a member.

p.s. Soapmaking went very well.

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