Monday, March 8, 2010

In another blog I read occasionally, the author thanked a recent award winner for drawing attention to "those important [adoptive] moms who love like Jesus does." This statement bothers me for several reasons. First, because of its pat me on the back mentality that I'm being so virtuous and Christian by adopting. I'm sorry, but adopting does not equate laying down your life to the extent Christ did for us. But most of all, this bothers me because it leaves the birth mom out of the picture. How many of the birth moms, particularly in foreign countries, are NOT teenage moms giving up their babies but are moms and dads who desperately would love to keep their families intact but are unable to because of the bad economy and lack of community development where they live. God created families so what can we do to help families stay intact and thrive rather than encourage families to disband in hopes that their child may get a better future?

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