Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gentle Frontier Read

An advertisement mentioned Janette Oke fans would enjoy this book. Since Janette Oke was the first Christian author I read and I devoured all of her books, I knew I had to see if Be Still My Soul by Joanne Bischof would live up to this claim.

At the beginning of the story which was originally published as Cry of My Heart, still is not an adjective that describes anything about the characters. Instead,both characters have a horrible home life. Unfortunately, a mostly innocent walk home and a kiss results in a shot gun marriage which neither Gideon or Lonnie desired. This rocky start becomes even rockier as the young couple heads out on their own.

Heading out Gideon and Lonnie experience more than their share of downs as they getto know each other and begin a journey to where they can hopefully find jobs. Completely down on their luck, they are taken in by an elderly couple who love and mentor them particularly when they find Lonnie is expecting. Love grows gradually between the couple as they realize they are the only family they have. The example of a godly marriage is critical in forming a new Christ-honoring family. Heart break is necessary before a strong marital bond can be formed.

The Janette Oke comparison is apt as "love comes softly" between the two young people and they are mentored in marriage by an older couple. Be Still My Soul is a good heart warming story for a chilly fall afternoon or a cold winter's night. The story was enjoyable but not a gripping tale that you can't put down. However, the story was engaging enough that I will watch for the sequel Though My Heart Is Torn slated to published in April, 2013.

As usual, a free copy of this book was provided by Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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