Sunday, October 6, 2013

Is this the end for Gideon and Lonnie?

My Hope Is Found,the third book in Joanne Bischof's series The Cadence of Grace, did not disappoint. Continuing with the story of Gideon and Lonnie, a love triangle emerges in the Appalachian mountains which is not resolved until the end.

Picking up at the end of Though My Heart Is Torn, Gideon is heading back to his beloved Lonnie and Jacob. Unfortunately, several setbacks keep him from arriving at his destination quickly and even once he has arrived the paperwork indicating his freedom to marry Lonnie has not been completed. While Gideon is gone, Lonnie struggles to begin a new life for herself, her son Jacob, and young sister Addie. An eligible bachelor introduced in the previous book finds himself smitten with Lonnie and declares his intentions. When Gideon re-appears, the two young men find themselves both vying for Lonnie's hand and tangling with each other as well. Fortunately , Jedediah Bennett intervenes forcing them to resolve their differences.

Bischof does a good job of developing all three of characters in this triangle. Each one struggles with a variety of self-doubts and concerns over past choices and future decisions as they seek to both follow God and find everlasting love. Gideon in particular experiences difficulty resolving his feelings of love for Lonnie and his knowledge of the respectability and good name her other suitor would provide for his young family.

My Hope Is Found is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys gentle frontier romances. Libraries will definitely want to stock this series and the included reader's guide makes it perfect for book groups. I would highly recommend reading all three of these books in sequence as the story line develops in each book. I hope that Bischof continues this story. I would be interested in knowing what the future holds in store for Cassie and Toby as well as enjoying more tales of Lonnie and Gideon's sure to be growing family. Readers may learn more about this book and others in the series by listening to a podcast with author Joanne Bischof and by reading the first chapter of each title.

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