Monday, February 1, 2016

January Goals Re-Cap

This year rather than making huge goals for the entire year, I have decided to make smaller goals for each month. January flew by very quickly, and now we are already to February! Looking back on my January goals I did not meet each goal, yet I did make progress in each area. As the FlyLady reminds us, "Progress not perfection!"

Our church is doing a read through the New Testament plan which is one chapter per day Monday through Friday. January's reading were the book of Mark and the first 5 chapters of Acts which I finished. As a family we also listened to Mark on CD and will be beginning Acts soon. I found an Old Testament reading plan with is 3 chapters per day Monday through Friday as well. I'm behind in this reading but anticipate catching up through a combination of reading and listening.

Reading is my escape and the one thing I will make time for in my day no matter what else is happening. My favorite thing to do is to curl up with a book and something yummy to drink. I enjoy writing book reviews for several publication as well as my own blog. I had not been faithful in writing reviews over the past year and desired to step up in my reviewing for this year. I was pleased in January to submit a review for The Christian Librarian,a professional publication, as well as post two reviews on my blog. I'm also quite excited to have received two books that I'm reviewing for The Englewood Review of Books as well as having two more books on the way for The Christian Librarian. Stay tuned for several reviews to appear here as well thanks to NetGalley and other fun things I find to read.

Exercise seems to me at the top of most everyone's goal list and mine included. My goal for January was a modest 150 minutes of cardio exercise per week. While I started out well in early January, I promptly fell off the bandwagon. So for February, I'm planning for 150 minutes a week again. I like having a minute goal versus a daily goal. This goal allows the option of spending a longer amount of exercise on one day in case you miss a day although I aim for the recommended 30 minutes per day.

I had hoped to have a one-on-one date with each family member during January. While this didn't happen, we had multiple enjoyable outings and activities with the entire family. Hopefully, the individual outings will occur this month.

Another of my goals was to complete the Babysteps as outlined by FlyLady. I didn't make it through all 31 steps but am farther along than previously. I can report that I now have a shiny sink. I'm working on training my family not to put dirty dishes in the sink but to immediately put items in the dishwasher.

This is only a peek at a portion of our January activities. While I didn't cross off all my goals, I took steps in the right direction and will hopefully continue to do so in February.

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