Saturday, January 12, 2008

After nearly two weeks of contemplating just what titles I plan to read for the Reading Challenges, I have posted my list. I had never planned an entire year's worth of reading in this manner before. In some categories it was difficult to list specific titles, but in other categories it was difficult to narrow the field to just a few items. I found myself finding many books that sounded too good to pass up. That led me to list more than eight titles in several categories. I figure this gives me some leeway in case a book doesn't fit as well as expected. In total 65 book are listed, not including the Chronicles of Narnia. I doubt I will get to them all, but it was a good exercise to construct a list.

  1. Biographies/Memoirs (In Their Shoes Challenge)

Preacher's Wife

Tortured for Christ

The Narnian

Walking from East to West

The Hiding Place

Son of a Shaman

He Leadeth Me

Monganga Paul

Autobiography of George Muller

Here I Stand: a Life of Martin Luther

(several of the books listed in category 8 Books Around the World are also memoirs.

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