Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's

That grand day of the year when everyone resolves to do this, that, and the other has arrived. This ritual has been a source of much contemplation the past few days as I have tried to figure out what I would like to do that stretches but does not set up certain failure. My list includes the ubiquitous exercising more, being more faithful in my devotional life, better parenting, keeping a cleaner/more organized home, etc. James Emery White's recent post added to this mix as I contemplated things to stop doing such as less time spent on the computer.

Well today, I received inspiration from Dear Abby's annual New Year's column. Her column emphasizes "just today" I'll do this. Focusing on today instead of yesterday, last year, or next week resonated with me. However, as I pondered this idea and implementing it, "just today" morphed into "one thing." So for 2008 "What one thing today?" is my constant question. What one thing can I do to benefit my health? To strengthen my walk with God? To be a better parent, wife, employee? Stay tuned for more details on how this continues and what other incentives or tools I add.

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